In Zen We Trust…

Admittedly so, I have not been terribly ‘zenful’ in my more recent (relatively speaking, so give me a break) posts.  I know that the art of Zen is to let the Universe take care of itself and all is well.  I’m just stubborn.

My juxtaposition has stemmed from the need for anyone who would listen (and read) to know that I am adamantly appalled by our political situation.  Well, after Tuesday, we’re done.  It’s a wrap.

So, as an Election Judge, I have willingly removed myself from the outside world, MSNBC, the sordid polls, radio talk shows with uninformed callers, sound bites, mass emails and newspaper clippings from 6 am until whenever we are released.  We have even been instructed to bring a “beach read”, should we find it necessary to bring reading material.  Honestly, I have just the book in mind and am grateful for the opportunity to indulge in a guilty pleasure should the projected lines actually subside.

What I realize, as I laugh cynically at the irony of how I will spend my day, is that the Universe has placed me exactly where I need to be on November 4th.  Otherwise, I would simply be going crazy flipping from CNN to MSNBC and avoiding FOX altogether, waiting to see who would break the news first that McCain simply spontaneously self-combusted while swapping television appearance stories with Joe and Sarah.  You know, the old, ‘my agent is better than your agent’ one-up bit.

So, I have entered the most Zen-like state that I have been in the last six months. I will pray tonight and I will fulfill my duty as an American at the polls tomorrow.  I will trust that all is well and God truly has nothing but our best interest intended for all of us.  At all times.  No matter what happens, we will be just fine because He is always working in our favor.  God makes no mistakes.  And in this…I trust.

True Zen...

True Zen...


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